A Lubbock stop for Soundgarden was discussed twice, seriously.

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The first time we heard about a possible Soundgarden visit in Lubbock for the year it was to be a part of a double bill. I was initially asked how I thought a Soundgarden/Nine Inch Nails show would do. I, of course, told them it would be the most insane double bill this town had ever seen. (also note, we almost had a Nine Inch Nails show back in the day, but the overhand on the Amphitheaters stage didn't meet the bands lighting requirements).

I was then approached about a solo Soundgarden show not long ago. I was asked if I thought it could do over 4,000 people. I also went cuckoo for the possibility of that show.  I don't know why it was not booked and could not tell you if it would have felt before, or after the date of Chris Cornell's demise.

The concert game is crazy, but MOST of the stuff I'm approached with does end up happening. The ones that fall through are much rarer than the ones that happen. It's a bummer that we'll never have a chance to see this band again.

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