The Lubbock Laugh off returns to World Of Beer this Friday, with a special guest headliner. Plus, five of the six competitors are former winners!

R. Flores
R. Flores

Scheduling conflicts took last month's winner out of the mix, so comedian, actor and entertainer "Ranney" will substitute, and perform a mid-contest headlining set.

The Laugh Off will be going for its 17th consecutive standing room only show this Friday at the World Of Beer. This show definitely packs 'em in.  The show is no doubt popular due to the presence of man-candy "White Chocolate" Wes Nessman as the host.

Okay, so I'm sorry I gave you that image. I am only minimally visible. I'm happy to present the six comedians who will compete.

Selena Martinez
John Lewis Sims
JJ Howell
Kimothy Williams
Joe Cash
Steven Feldman

Yes, you notice I said, "compete". Each standup gets three minutes to do their act, then there are four rounds of improv questions of 30 seconds or less each, and finally, they get a minute to roast each other (and sometimes the host).  As you can tell from that timetable, we come at you fast and furious during this show.  The comedy starts promptly at 9 and lasts about 45 minutes. Arrive early to get a good seat.

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