When I started to book local comedians I immediately got a message from an established touring comedian begging me not to do it. He said it would "ruin comedy for the market". I personally don't think he could have been more wrong.

There is a very active comedy scene in the Hub City. The comedians bounce from open mic to open mic and have more than a few showcases as well.

I wanted to do something unique with the comedians and developed "Lono's Laugh Off" with the folks from Laugh Hub City.  We outgrew our first home, the Freaky Tiki, and eventually restarted the show as the "Lubbock Laugh Off" at the World Of Beer.  It was been a raging success with six standing room only shows in a row (3 at the Tiki and 3 at WOB).

We will try to keep our winning streak going this Friday with a heck of a lineup. On the bill are five comedians who have been with us since the start, one newbie who really was impressive last month as well as last month's headliner.

Here's how it works. All six comedians perform three minutes of stand-up, then there are four rounds of improv questions in the middle where the comedians have no idea what's coming at them and have 30 seconds to joke about the topic. The event then finishes up with each comedian having one minute to roast the other jokers on the bill. The winner of the Laugh Off gets a truly awful traveling trophy and a headline spot at the next show.

This week's lineup is Steven Feldman, Dave Lonngren, Caleb Davis, Aaron Durbin, Austin Meador and Gary Dorsey. Headlining will be last month's winner Joe Cash. The comedy starts at nine and is over before the 10:00 o'clock news starts. Arrive early if you want to get seated. World Of Beer is in the new West End Shopping Center.

Note: I receive no compensation for hosting or endorsing this event. In fact, these assh*les usually don't help me load my p.a. in.  I do this because I love to laugh and these guys are funny. 

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