This Wednesday Lubbock will add two electric buses to City Bus's fleet.

I am of the belief that government could and should lead the way whenever possible. This week City Bus will put two electric buses on the street.  I love what this says about transportation possibilities and the future.

Putting these buses on the street shows electric as a viable option and what better way to cut down on air pollution than making vehicles that drive are ALL DAY electric? I'm aware that those in the oilfield get a little concerned when alternate means of energy are used, but it's a big, big world and we should explore and exploit different energy sources when we can.

Not every consumer can step up and pay the price for an electric vehicle. Admittedly, there are probably still bugs being worked out, like charging stations in a slow to adapt town. Hopefully, these City Buses will prove the viability of electric in the Hub City.

You should have no problem spotting these really sleek looking electric buses around town.

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