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This was brought to my attention in a negative way, but the reality is so much better.

I recently saw a copy of a Facebook post by an awful little troll bagging on our libraries for having a Pride display of literature. My first thought was, "sit down junior, you don't strike me as a reader anyways."

That is almost always how these types of things are: the people who howl and complain the loudest are the ones least affected.

So in researching the dirtbag, I went to the library's actual post and I was delighted to see the acceptance and positive remarks of people who actually use the library. It doesn't get much clearer than "I love you for doing this."

The point I wanted to make is unchanged. First off, if you don't approve, so what? Go somewhere else. Next up is, no matter your thoughts on the topic, gay people exist and have been a force in history. From the inventor of the computer to the lead singer of Queen, gay people ARE. If if they ARE or WERE, then they are a part of history and you can't erase that.

Here's the most important thought, though. Some cretins are afraid gay books will lead people into gayness. And to that, I say, all the books by straight writers didn't turn gay readers straight, right? So your logic is flawed. You are the weakest link...goodbye.

I should also mention that one of the libraries has a nice Hispanic Heritage display, and another has a humanities display. The libraries in Lubbock are making an effort to serve all people.

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