This is not a good look for the town.

A website called Stacker ranked the 50 worst run cities in America, and Lubbock placed at no. 45.

Lubbock did pretty poorly across the board, but really tanked it when it came to safety and infrastructure/pollution (no. 139 & no. 142, respectively).

From the study:

One of the primary focuses of Lubbock city government is health and safety, which is an area where the city ranks among the lowest compared with other U.S. cities. The police department is seeking to become more open to the public to provide a safer environment for its citizens. The Texas city also is concerned about environmental health, including the enforcement of Texas Food Establishment Rules and local ordinances.

This report by Stacker is just flipping the script on a Best & Worst Run list originally posted by WalletHub. This is just a sorting of the original information that shows us in a bit of a poorer light.

Still, where's the response from our city leaders? Why isn't anyone getting out in front of this and defending the Hub City?

I think Lubbock has its share of problems, but I'm not so sure this survey is a real and accurate representation of the Hub City.

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