47-year-old Juan Carlos Gallardo was found guilty on Friday, December 6th, of murdering 28-year-old Yvette Ellis.

Gallardo says that he was threatening to kill himself, but then he got into an altercation with Ellis. He claims that's when the gun went off.

Prosecutors say that the death was no accident, however.

Co-workers of Ellis reported seeing signs of domestic violence, bruises and abrasions and a change in demeanor. One said that Ellis had marks on her neck similar to imprints of fingernails.

KAMC News reports that Dr. Margaret Basset testified as an expert witness in domestic violence, and talked about the isolation strategy, in which the abuser will move the victim away from family and friends, or not allow them to have a car. Other witnesses confirmed that Ellis told them Gallardo wouldn't let her drive her own car.

The punishment phase of the trial will start Monday, December 9th.

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