How long has it been since we all had a taste of that sweet sweet Aloha BBQ? Months? Years? Eternity? I've been hoping and praying to any God out there that will listen to please just bring that tasty food back to us all. So far, there hasn't been any word on when Lubbock's favorite Hawaiian BBQ joint will reopen, but that hasn't stopped some of us from trying to recreate it at home.

Lubbock man, Kevin Mac, shared a photo of his best attempt at making Aloha BBQ at home and it has everyone's mouth watering on the LBK Foodies Facebook page. Someone, PLEASE, just go ahead and give Kevin a loan to start his own place or something. That plate looks on point!  When I saw the photo, my mouth was instantly watering. He definitely allotted himself the perfect about of Hawaiian macaroni salad, too.

Kevin Mac
Kevin Mac

FMX reached out to Kevin about his culinary expertise. He told us where he got those dope Hawaiin BBQ skills:

"My wife and I went on our honeymoon in July to Hawaii and while over there bought a cookbook to learn how to make the recipes authentic and was hoping to not have to use it as much as we have because they have been closed for so long."

Sometimes, I wonder if Aloha honestly can just afford some extra time for a vacation. Did the sheer number of people in Lubbock lined up around the door, everything single day, waiting for food, simply leave them cash-flush? Who knows?

I'm dying for them to come back, or at the very least, to find an alternative Hawaiian bbq place to eat. I don't know Kevin, but at this point, he seems like someone I need to befriend...quickly.

Hey Kevin! Do you have plans this weekend? Everyone in Lubbock is wondering if we could come over to your place for dinner...get back to us when you have a chance...

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