The Lubbock Matadors have now won a game in Lubbock. Their first win came over the team from Austin, which took an absolute hammering from the Matadors who won the game 5-0.

That home win moves the Matadors Soccer Club to 3-4-1 on the season, with four games remaining.

The Matadors' first season has absolutely blown away my expectations. It's not that I set the bar low either. They've just been that dang good. It might not show in the books, but the Matadors have taken Lubbock by storm. The merch, beer and everything branded Matadors is been amazing. And the fans have responded. Lubbock loves soccer.

More than people in Oakland like baseball, apparently.

Matador player Pablo Galietero said the players were playing for the fans in this last game and they wanted to win for the fans. It feels like there's a legit connection between the team and the city. Galietero even went and hugged a fan after a goal in the win, but it turned out it was his dad who flew in from Spain to see his son play for the first time in four years.

By the way, Galietero dominated Austin SC. This goal in particular was incredible:

For his efforts, Galietero won Man of the Match by locking in a hat trick of three goals.

Three more home games remain for the Matadors. June 22nd, June 25th, and July 7th. Being right below the middle of the standings means that they'll need some more home wins to make the playoffs.

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