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Lubbock musician Mitch Rambo has been playing music for as long as I can remember. I had the immense pleasure of hearing his new EP that releases Tuesday, September 14th, on basically every single streaming platform, with his band, Heavy Water.

Lubbock is notorious for curating some of the greatest artists and musicians of all time, and Mitch is certainly making us proud with this one.

Mitch told 94.5 FMX:

"I'm excited about this EP. I will tell you that this is brand-spankin' new, so, unfortunately, there is not a lot of gigging going on for me with Heavy Water, yet. The music is a little different than some of my past projects. My writing has been leaning towards what I listen to and love most, which makes sense I think. Much of it is very personal and deals with emotions and thoughts that I don’t always express outright in my music. My hope is that listeners can find a connection with my music just like I have with others."

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Dirk Rambo

Heavy Water's self-titled EP was recorded right here in Lubbock, Texas by Jon Taylor, and will be available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud and more. If you really want to support local musicians, take a look at spending a few bucks on it via iTunes or Bandcamp.

Rambo has plans to release more music, so if you find yourself happily humming along to his jams just like I do, please help to give him the opportunity to continue making music for everyone to enjoy.

Carleigh Latham

So far, my favorite song is "Thistle & Cones." It honestly gave me chills in my office today and will be one that I keep going back to again and again. It's haunting and beautiful, as are the other four songs on the EP. I find it such a privilege to be surrounded by local musicians and artists like Mitch. Thanks for reaching out to us with your new beats. We dig 'em.

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