Taking care of the pet problems in Lubbock is a multi-pronged affair.

One of the best things Lubbock residents can do to help with strays and lost pets is to have their animals microchipped. If you love your pet, you want them returned if they somehow escape your house or backyard, the simplest way to do that is to make sure they are microchipped.

The actual "insertion" of a microchip, looks more like a shot and it takes seconds.  Most pets do not even notice it's happening, so if you were worried that your pet would somehow be hurt or experience some discomfort then that is not usually the case.

Let's also not forget that not only do you invest time and love into your pet, but you've also made a financial commitment with food, medicine, and even simple items like collars or toys (let's not forget that not only do pets get lost, some do get stolen). You can protect that investment with a microchip.

This Saturday night it's "Microchips at Mae Simmons".  Lubbock Animal Services will be on the north side of the park under the gazebo microchipping pets. They also plan on making it a very festive affair with food trucks, vendors, and live music.

Please take advantage of this service if you can. If a microchip can quickly get your cat or dog back to you then it opens up resources that can be used for other lost or stray pets. It's been a tough year for pets in and around the Hub City with all the local shelters packed with higher-than-average numbers of pets.

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