Lemme get this straight...folks celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ by trashing a public park? Yep, that's exactly what they did.

Everything Lubbock is reporting the Maxey Park was trashed Easter Sunday, leaving an enormous amount of trash behind. Among the refuse were beer cans, picnic materials, and lots of Easter-oriented trash (egg cartons, partial plastic eggs, etc.).

Are you serious right now? From looking at the video, I can see that the trashcans were full. That is still no excuse to leave trash lying around. The people who work at the park are not your wait staff or janitors. Now, people will be taken off more important projects to clean up this nastiness.

This is also a HUGE issue on the 4th of July in residential neighborhoods. I'm not going to give you a speech on illegal fireworks ('cause I rock that, too), but leaving trash around for neighbors to deal with is a huge dick move.

Next time, take a bag with you when you head to the park, and if you want to be a good human, pick up a couple of things that you aren't responsible for. No one expects you to pick up organic materials like egg shells or even confetti, but leaving the egg crates around is pure low-class behavior.

Leaving beer cans around is scumbag behavior. Leaving your paper plates and plastic cups behind is a douche move. Do better.

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