It's amazing how long people can hang to hate.

The minute the Chicks announced their new tour I knew exactly where the fire would be. So...I dropped by a social media site that is more concerned with hits than civility and I was not disappointed. On that site were a number of people with a combined I.Q. lower than the numbers on a Dr. Pepper bottle.

And to what end does this serve? Does it make people feel good about to run to social media just to write "nope" or "I won't be buying tickets" as a form of a pseudo-patriotic-humble brag?  Guess what? The Chicks still win. They have taken all of your slings and arrows and are still filling venues around the world.

In case you didn't notice, their new tour will take them around the world to actual castles along with the largest venues in the world. Their shows will sell out in minutes and scalpers will inflate ticket prices to the highest level. All anyone has done, especially locally, is prevent our city from benefiting from capitalizing on the biggest-selling female band of all time.

Have you heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over? That's what the haters are doing. All they have achieved is upsetting the friends and families of band members. Does it make them feel good that someone's aunt or mom is picked on for an incident that happened four presidents ago? This is just vile, disgusting behavior at this point. The Chicks are still getting paid and we are still missing out.

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