I really hate to use the term "Lubbock residents" because that makes it sound like a lot of people.

Generally, there are two to five protesters (and a few loudmouth keyboard warriors) who get upset about the Lubbock Pride event. It's the same old boring stuff and you'd think by now they'd get better at making signs.

I've gone to several Pride events just to see what's up, lend support, or whatever, and other than the rainbow flags you'd think you just stumbled upon a picnic. Yup, that's about as exciting as it gets amongst the crowd. Of course, there was some drag on the main stage for what seemed like a hot twenty minutes and that was it.

The main problem the hateful few have had is that this event happened in a city park.  Never mind the crime, drug deals, or trash in city parks, they "didn't want to pay" for this event to be in "their" park. Well, this year the event has moved to 18th and Buddy Holly in front of Club Rewind.

I'm sure some haters will still be mad that they only got attention for 364 days of the year and the Pride folks stole one, but as I like to say, "other people's opinion of you is none of your business". I just hope everyone has a happy and safe event.

I'm not sure if this move will ultimately prove good or bad for the event, but bravo to the organizers for treating their sponsor and avoiding one little controversy at the same time. If you'd like to find out more about the event, you can do that here.

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