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I had to go into work today. It's part of my job, and the primary reason I live where I do- so I can make it in to the station even in inclement weather. Broadcast is just one of those businesses, and I'm happy to serve Lubbock in my very small way with weather updates.

If you had to go into work today, I sympathize. And if you got to stay home, I am happy that was the case. I don't begrudge anyone that opportunity, because I am not a sociopath.

This morning, in a now (smartly) deleted post in a local food group, I saw someone bemoaning the 30 minute wait at Dutch Bros Coffee. That wait would have been 24 hours if other group members hadn't let the poster know that Dutch Bros announced they had decided to close their Lubbock locations out of concern for their team members' safety.

And then someone, who may or may not be a sociopath, chimed in with, "what a way to ruin a thriving business."

One day of profits can easily be eaten by a chain that size. What cannot be "absorbed" is the death of an employee- an actual human being- with a family, friends and a precious, unique life. Money is replaceable, a person is not.

To the man who so callously wrote that: if you've decided to take your business elsewhere, I want you to know that I am cancelling you out. I have never been to a Dutch Bros before, but now I will make sure I visit from time to time, just to make up whatever cash you are no longer spending there. Make your own dang coffee.

And to all the small businesses here in Lubbock who decided to close, I know that was a very difficult decision for you and that it won't be so easy for you to make it up. Please trust that a lot of us noticed your concern and care, and do what we can to support you in the future.

Sometimes we don't get exactly what we want, exactly when we want it. And all that ever does is build character.

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