There are now various reports coming out that not all was hunky-dory during the East Lubbock Water Wars event this past weekend.

According to Everything Lubbock. the Lubbock Police Department said that they received calls about folks blocking the roadways and throwing water balloons. One of the officers who responded was squirted down and slipped and fell while chasing a suspect. She also claimed someone threw a bucket of water, including the bucket at her, and that she couldn't call for backup because her radio was soaked.

A second officer then called for backup, at which point he was soaked. Supposedly, someone threw a trash can at him. The police are claiming damage to radios, firearms and other stuff.

As for folks from the neighborhood, I can only tell you what I gathered from social media and some claims of "harassment" by the police. I can't speak to this at all, but all I can say is that this sounds like every single 4th of July in my neighborhood (and that's with MUCH more dangerous devices than water balloons), and the police don't even show up.

I wasn't there, so I can't judge the situation. I back the blue, but if I got a call about water balloon fights, I think I'd figure out a way to do a quick cruise and let the folks have their fun. I don't think the police should claim disrespect, either. If you go to a pool party, you know everyone is getting pushed into the pool. If you go to a Water War, you should expect water.

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