Update #2: The Lubbock Police Department has released body cam footage from two responding officers. [Watch it here]

Update #1: The Lubbock Police Department has released details from the incident. [More info]

Original story:

This deserves commemorating, even if I can't tell you too much about it.

Last week, I saw talk on Facebook circling around declaring "Water Wars" on the east side of Lubbock this past Saturday. Supersoakers, water guns, water-balloons and more were all encouraged. By all accounts, the event was a huge success.

I have seen multiple videos of the action, and one in particular that has already gone viral. For some reason, a Lubbock policewoman chose to get involved in the water war and things did not go well for her. She was sprayed with water, and while running away, she purposely (maybe?) slid on a sidewalk that was covered in mud.

What a lot of people will miss about this event is that the east side community came together in a way other communities in this town never do. Can you imagine your whole neighborhood throwing a party in the streets? It rarely happens, and there's always some stick in the mud to ruin it.

I guess there wasn't much of a way for the news media to cover this event. After all, it was mostly just people squirting each other in the streets. But it's truly heartwarming that a community that is often overlooked found a way to come together.

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