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Lubbock, why are we the literal worst at intersections?

More than 50% of wrecks happen at intersections, and way too many of those end up with totaled cars, injuries, or even fatalities. If there's one place on the road we should be extra careful, it's at stop lights and stop signs.

Red Means Stop

I mean, duh. But I constantly see people run the light. Not even just a little bit, but egregiously speed through after the light has turned red. Both going straight ahead, and super dangerously, turning left. Yes, you can go right on red, but you do have to stop completely and have plenty of time and space to do so. This is so bad that if I'm first at an intersection, I still wait for a beat and look both ways when the light turns green to make sure I won't get smacked into the next life by a careless driver.

The Crosswalk Is For People, Not Cars

You stop behind the crosswalk, not on it. Imagine if you were the person trying to cross, and you have to navigate around some giant truck and into the intersection just to get across the road. A little courtesy for your fellow humans goes a long way.

You Should Let Funerals Go Through

It's fairly obvious when a funeral procession is going through a light. Usually, there's an escort of some sort, and there's a long line of cars following close behind each other. While there is no law specifically stating that you have to let an unescorted procession through, let's have a little respect and patience. And if you're the third car back and nobody is moving, have a little sense and lay off the horn. You'd want people to treat your departed loved one with respect, too.

Avoid Changing Lanes In An Intersection

Sometimes you must, but plan ahead so you don't have to, as it can be dangerous. It's not actually illegal, but people make decisions based on the lane you are currently in, not the one you want to be in, as they cannot read minds.

Watch For Folks On Two Wheels

Those of us in cars and trucks might survive an intersection wreck, but our friends on bikes and motorcycles have way less protection. Let's share the road by being extra vigilant and looking for these types of vehicles.

Other Things, In Brief

Don't tailgate, there are zero reasons to do that and you'll be responsible when you finally hit someone's bumper. Don't use the intersection as free time to get on your phone or eat a whole sandwich. Give more space and go slower in rainy or snowy weather. Pay attention, be courteous, and wear your dang seatbelt.

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