Don't you hate it when someone steals your pot?

My friend is a very good person. She's devoted her entire life to saving premature babies. She's one of the most experienced and highly-trained nurses that one of our large hospitals has to offer. I can't tell you exactly where she works, but let's just say that if your family has had a baby that required a little extra time in the hospital, there's a pretty good chance she's helped take care of it. The point I'm trying to make is, whomever stole from this woman stole from a saint.

It actually took her a minute to notice the theft because she works such long hours. Yes, she also has security cameras, but they were set up to prevent package thefts and not the type of theft she experienced.

She had two planters at the top of her driveway going into her garage and someone stole one of them.

Yes, someone took her pot.

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This is not unlike the theft of four catalytic converters from the South Plains Food Bank or 94.5 FMX's very own station truck. It just seems like there should be some places and some people who are off-limits when it comes to thievery.

Think about it: this woman was literally helping babies to not die and the South Plains Food Bank was helping people to eat when someone stole from them.

I'm breaking a couple of rules on this one. Ordinarily I don't like rats, but that's for victimless crimes -- like a person having their own stash of the other kind of pot. The food bank and this lady deserve some justice. If you have any idea at all who stole the catalytic converters from the Food Bank, contact the Crime Line of Lubbock and file a tip online or call them at: 806-741-1000.

If you know who stole a pot matching the one pictured below, please let me know so that I can, uh, 'teach them a lesson.'


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