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Lubbock's Arts District has come a long way. It's no longer a ghost town save for First Friday Art Trail.  In fact, you'd be surprised how often there is something going on, whether it's a market, an outdoor concert, and more. This consistency and dedication are what is going to make that area of Lubbock- and our adjacent Downtown- the destination areas they deserve to be.

It is, for this reason, I'd like to give both Foxling and Fae, and Raicodoll a huge, "thank you," for doing the hard work of organizing and executing art and artisan markets both this coming Saturday (1/21/2022) and next (1/28/2022), respectively.

This weekend is the Hygge Market (4pm- 9pm), a celebration of and homage to a Scandinavian culture:

In Scandinavia, January is one of the coldest, darkest months of the year with little to no sunlight. To stave off the winter blues, there is a notion of Hygge (pronounces: hyoo·guh) which is a sense of coziness, self care and comfort which staves off the dark.
For our first market of 2023, we are inviting you to come shop our curated cozy vendors, eat delicious food, and participate in an incredible lineup to keep you warm and cozy as we begin a new year.
Foxling & Faerytales is a bimonthly event hosted by Foxling & Fae, a local fairytale tea shop and apothecary. Our events are meant to inspire fantasy and whimsy for the inner child in all of us.
Hygge Market will feature food trucks Bondi Bowls and Go Go Giri, as well as over 20 vendors and yoga classes (you might want to sign up in advance to ensure your spot).
Courtney Headley
Vahalla Bound's handmade soaps will be available at both markets.

Next weekend is The Goblin Market (5pm - 9pm), "a small market themed around the dark and fantastic poem The Goblin Market."  This event encourages but does not require, a cosplay dress-up of your favorite forest being.

Dress as the forest creature you always wished to be on this dark Winter's night and peruse our goblins' wares!
There may even be little goblin tricks.
This event will feature food trucks Llano Cubano and Lemon Love Lbk, in addition to over 20 vendors, and is sponsored by Stormcrow Games.
I highly encourage you to attend both markets, not only to support the vibrancy of our Art District but also because these events are always incredibly fun to attend. Who knows what treasures you'll find, or what friends you'll make?

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