Update: Lubbock's popular Dragon Buffet has reopened its doors after a brief closure due to winter weather-related damages.

The restaurant said the following:

Dragon buffet would like to thank all their customers for being patient while they repaired the restaurant! The winter storm caused some damages but everything is fixed and Dragon Buffet is back open!

Original story: It hasn't been a good 12-ish months for restaurants and the people who love them.

In fact, about half of Americans say they have a favorite restaurant that has closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. So I'm not blaming anyone for panicking and spreading the rumor that Dragon Buffet is closed due to COVID-19. But that simply isn't the case.

During the historic winter weather we recently experienced, some businesses experienced damage caused from snow, ice and burst pipes. Dragon Buffet is among that unlucky group.

We spoke to Susan from Dragon Buffet and she let us know exactly what's going on:

During the winter storm last week our water and fire pipes burst and our ceiling tile was damaged. Most repairs are finished. We are just waiting on a few parts that we ordered. We will re-open as soon as possible. Thank you to everyone for your business and patients in this difficult time

Since many businesses and homes had the same type of damage, the materials to fix the problem sold out, leaving some folks waiting to get those items in.

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Luckily for Lubbock, Dragon Buffet should be open sooner than later, and we'll update you as soon as they are. Sadly, losing even one day of business, let alone several, can seriously affect a restaurant's bottom line.

When Dragon Buffet opens back up, you can help this local business tremendously just by going and having a nice meal. Just be sure to beat me there, as I take the "All You Can Eat" seriously when it comes to their eggrolls.

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