I guess we should start with "is that a cross or a plus sign?"

It would certainly make more sense if the plus sign is supposed to be a cross, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of thought going into this. While the best I could come up with from the Ten Commandments is that this is not "honoring they father and thy mother,' it still seems to be a very shady way to spread the gospel.

This is far from the first appearance of this particular graffiti. This has been spotted all around town, including in the tornado ruins in north Lubbock, downtown on the Buddy Holly statue (yes, really), on those metal animals posted around town, and now on the mailbox on 50th Street (over in the general area of Sutherland's).

I'm not sure what substance is being used, but it is causing deep damage to many of the surfaces it's been on. (This from someone who actually had to deal with the markings on the Buddy Holly and animal statues.)

Here are two more looks at the message from the north side of town.  (Photo: Nessmania)

Regardless of your belief system, it's kind of time for this to stop. The person doing the damage seems intent on spreading the message all over town and it's just a trash way to show your support for the J-man.  If everyone would keep an eye out for shady characters near our local landmarks, that would be a good thing.

Let's find the person responsible and give them a better forum to express their beliefs rather than destroying public, and other people's, property.

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