Jeez, Louise, the grey-bar hotel is looking a little too familiar.

I'm writing this to commiserate with so many of you. What do you do with your friends? You joke around, don't you? Well, Facebook's autobots have no sense of humor and don't recognize when you're pulling your friend's leg.

I had posted a song on my page and a friend posted, "I mean it's alright" underneath to mess with me. I posted back, "I will dick-punch you" (picture below). Now, this is one of my closest friends, and isn't that how you talk to your closest friends?  If I were truly bullying someone do you think I would threaten a dick-punch?  The threat of a dick-punch is 100% a comedy device and not bullying (by the way, I hope you add "dick-punch" to your personal vocabulary).


What makes this so ironic is that I have nearly completely abandoned my old Facebook page in favor of a new one that is all positive, motivational and shareable. I'm actually trying to take an active role in filling Facebook with less stuff to fight over and more stuff to inspire people. Unfortunately, there is no true alternative to Facebook in which I can continue to promote my personal brand.

I did send that post in for review and was quickly shut down. I guess Facebook has a massive list of trigger words and some sad-sack actually put down "dick-punch" as a violent threat. I also find it totally BS that this happened on my page. You'd think whatever A.I. they'd have would see that I wasn't going around bullying people on their page, I was commenting on a comment on my own page.

I've seen tons of nice people pick up Facebook bands for much less than this comment. It's time the big blue F figures this out. Facebook has no soul, no sense of humor, and no real specifics on what gets you kicked off. Anyways, I'm on vacation for 24 hours now. Aloha.

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