Bad drivers exist everywhere, and nearly all of us have bad driver moments. Whether distracted or just plain ignorant, we can all make mistakes. But if you make this one particular mistake, you're a selfish jerk who should be pelted with rotten vegetables in the town square.

I've seen it time and time again: people blocking through traffic because a drive-thru is too full to accommodate them. This happened to me yesterday as I was otherwise enjoying my day and being perfectly pleasant. I got real unpleasant, real fast, when a woman in a huge truck decided it was appropriate to essentially block the right turning lane for 82nd & University during rush hour traffic.

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I could maybe forgive her had it been for food, but this was to get into a car wash. I'm glad to see that business thriving, but her need to wash her truck constituted no emergency, so blocking the cars behind her was just selfish, stupid and incredibly unsafe.

She put everyone behind her in danger as they had to attempt to merge over to get around her and risk being rear-ended as the block in the lane would have been understandably unexpected by any other human being.

I wish this was just a weird outlier, but I've seen this over and over in Lubbock. I complained to some of my friends who share similar experiences. My friend who manages a restaurant told me, "we've had police have to come and direct/break up the line."

My other friend, a local delivery driver, provided me this harrowing account:

People literally park on a freeway when there is room in the business's parking lot for extending the waiting line. Taco bell on the freeway access road and q. Panda express on university and like 3rd street. There are others. What drives me crazy is that they can enter the queue in the parking lot, but they choose to literally park on a freeway or road and block the right-turning lane because they are too stupid or lazy or ignorant to line up in another entrance. I have literally seen accidents happen. Wrecks. People injured. Damaged property. Totalled cars. I've seen about 4 deaths in vehicle related accidents in about 2 and a half years of this delivery gig.

The woman who blocked me (and dozens of other people) also could have easily pulled into another entrance and queued up for what was the most important emergency car wash of her life. I'm assuming that because otherwise, she's just a complete narcissist. Or she could have made the block. Or she could have gone to any other of the many car washes in town.

The car wash she was lined up for has several locations, so there was literally no compromise she would have had to make other than not just being a selfish jerk for the sake of it. I hope she enjoyed the barrage of honking and single finger hand gestures she received.

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