Macy's announced that by 2026, they will be closing down 150 "underproductive" locations, several of which are in Texas. 50 of the stores will be gone by the end of 2024, but those locations have yet to be specified.

According to the Austin American-Statesman, the Macy's locations in Texas that are closed or closing include Golden Triangle in Denton, Post Oak Mall in College Station, Rivercenter in San Antonio, Rolling Oaks in San Antonio, and Vista Ridge in Lewisville.

Currently there are 37 Macy's stores still open for business in Texas. The retailer is also planning to a 15 new Bloomingdale locations and 30 Bluemercury locations by 2026, to help grow more of their high-end brands.

There's no word on how many employees will lose their jobs as a result of the 150 store closures. Macy's had nearly 100,000 full-time employees at the end of 2023.

The closures certainly won't effect us much here in Lubbock, given we've never had a Macy's to begin with. I'm not sure we could support a store that size. The large department stores in our mall always look a little bit empty. Macy's probably wouldn't work well here.

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