On Texas Tech's 2019 National Championship run, then-head coach Chris Beard had this running joke about how if anyone needed tickets, they could call Mark Adams. Hotel accommodations? Call Mark Adams. The joke was so prevalent that people started tweeting at Mark Adams for tickets and hotels.

Obviously, the joke got a lot of run on the way to the National Championship game against the Virginia Cavaliers, but it continued throughout Beard's time at Texas Tech.

When Beard left and Adams was hired, Adams joked that Beard offered him a chance to wear orange and to sit on a middle seat on the plane to Austin, neither of which Adams wanted to do.

That joke was incredible, but seemed out of the ordinary for Adams to be cracking wise to the Texas Tech fanbase at-large. Adams was the serious one. The no-nonsense general of culture and defense. He's got a personality and sense of humor, too? You bet he does, and he showed it off ahead of Beard's return trip to Lubbock for a sold-out matchup with Texas Tech and the Texas Longhorns at the United Supermarkets Arena.

All Adams needed to do was hit Twitter with a simple message: "Need tickets to the game? Contact Chris Beard."

Expertly done by Mark Adams. Well crafted, short, and to the point. Most fans got it as well, with nearly 4,000 likes at the time of this article's publishing. People also flooded the comments with Mark Adams' quotes and quips.

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