Very few get to fly high enough to touch the sun. Here are four people who did.

94.5 FMX's March to Metallica Ride The Lightning box set winner is Joshua Perez. He picked up tickets to the Metallica show in Lubbock and the really cool Ride The Lightning box set.

Next up, your meet and greet winners are John Hernandez and Jeremy Foster. They'll each take a friend backstage, meet members of Metallica, and get a signed lithograph.

Finally, the man, the myth and the legend who will escort Metallica to the stage is...Rusty Hatchett! (Yes, that's his real name...we asked). He also picked up a pair of Metallica tickets so he can mingle with you plebes after he finishes his duties.

Thank you to each and every one of you who downloaded our app and entered these contests. It means a lot to us that you choose to keep the purple spot on your phone for whatever reason. If you haven't downloaded our app, do it right now here so you don't miss out on future exclusive contests.

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