My 3rd grade teacher reminded us all week long that Lubbock meteorologist John Robison would be coming to visit our classroom on Friday. Everyone was completely stoked. The weatherman from TV was coming to tell us all 'hello' and give a presentation about the weather and what it's like to be a meteorologist.

We were going to meet a real-life celebrity.

There was nobody more famous in Lubbock in the 90s than the people you watched every single morning on the news and listened to on the radio. The majority of us had probably never met a local celebrity before and the excitement was real.

Robison arrived in my classroom and everyone was immediately fangirling like crazy. You'd think we were meeting The Beatles or the president or the pope. He was so tall. We all stared up at him, totally star-struck. We listened to his presentation and then bombarded him with questions. He smiled and answered every single one.

"Where does rain come from?"

"What's a cloud made out of?"

"Have you ever seen a tornado?"

And on and on and on...

It's too bad cell phones weren't a thing back then because there would be plenty of photos to look back on. I asked my friends if anyone had a picture with him and unfortunately those are hard to come by. One person did offer up a picture of him from Halloween 2014 meeting a couple of little weather fans. Ghostbusters was a good choice, John!

Hayden Reed Haggard
Hayden Reed Haggard

I asked some local folks and we all pretty much agreed that meeting John Robison was a magical experience for a kid growing up in Lubbock and a memory that will last forever. Here's what some people had to say:

"First grade for me.. circa 1986. Which is kinda mind-blowing. No photo, though. He was sooo tall and we hung on every word he said because he was the weather guy from TV." - Aaron Harris

"DAMNNN! I don't have a photo, but I do remember him coming to school and being AMAZED! Also, one time my family saw Abner Euresti at Harrigan's and caused an absolute SCENE! My Grandma walked up to him and said (loudly), "Well, I just feel like I oughta say HELLO ABNER!" And then like 10 seconds later my loud aunt walked out and YELLED "ABNER EURESTI!!!!" Local news people are celebrities." - Bevin Butler

"My little boy was so into weather at one point, after meeting John Robison. He would even call himself Juan Robison! He even wore a fake mustache!" - Megan Gonzales

Shout out to John Robison for being a Lubbock treasure. We love you, John! Thanks for being part of what makes growing up here so special.

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