A Monterey High School freshman collapsed after a football game.

KAMC news reported that 14-year-old Monterey High School freshman Zaidyn Ward scored the winning touchdown against Abilene Wylie when he started to feel dizzy. Ward alerted his coach during a team huddle. The coach reportedly told him to lift his head up just before he collapsed.

The freshman athlete was immediately given CPR by an athletic trainer who shocked his heart after it stopped. Ward was revived with a second shock, but soon after began having a seizure. He was taken to University Medical Center where some tests were administered, one revealing he was positive for COVID-19.

A few days later Ward was transported to Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth where doctors have performed even more tests on the incident that occurred. Ward's mother, Cassandra Combs, reported that when he was younger he did suffer five seizures, but his heart stop never stopped.

Combs stated that doctors will more than likely place a defibrillator into Ward's chest, but as an athlete it would change his life. Doctors said that with the defibrillator in his chest that the high school athlete would never be able to play sports for the rest of his life due to the potential of damage to the machine. Ward's older brother Cameron has stayed by his brothers side the entire time and says his younger brother is in good spirits. 

The family says the teenager is a fighter and is tired, but will still be smiling. A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family with the unexpected medical expenses. 

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