I have met far too many people in the Hub City who have never left the Hub City.

Salihan, Flickr
Salihan, Flickr

This note isn't a drag on Lubbock; it's an encouragement for you to see more.

I moved to Lubbock in 1981, split for about four years and came back. I did not particularly enjoy my time away from the city, but it was very, very important to go other places and see other things.

Lubbock has a very specific feel about it. Things are done a certain way and people fall into certain patterns. There isn't a bunch of wild creativity or non-mainstream things happening around town. That's perfectly fine; people here are happy with the way things are. My point to you is, you can have the benefits of living in the Hub and bring the things that make you happy to town, but you have to go out exploring to find them.

If you've never left Lubbock, you haven't seen a beach or sat near a massive waterfall. You haven't experienced a large museum or even seen large groups of people who aren't like you. Lubbock folk tend to be somewhat isolated and suspicious of things they aren't used to. You can break that cycle and bring a little life to this town before it gets too stale.

I know we've all looked at the Amish and their isolated lifestyle and thought it was a bit ridiculous. Well, staying in Lubbock your whole life isn't much different. Heck, if nothing else, go spend a month with family in another state.

The Hub City is a fine and wonderful place, but it takes perspective to both appreciate it and to grow beyond the boundaries it tries to keep you in.

Now, go explore. Lubbock will still be here when you're ready to come back.


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