One of the most recognizable and sought-after voices in rock is coming to the Hub City.

I guess we should say "returning" to the Hub City, because Alter Bridge played an FMX Birthday Bash. While we're playing the trivia game, did you know Myles was supposed to be in Velvet Revolver? Did you know he auditioned to be the singer for the guys in LED ZEPPELIN? Most of all, do you know he's the voice on the current Slash track, "Driving Rain"?

Myles really can do it all, and the benefit of seeing his band live is that you will probably hear tracks from all of the bands he's sung with. Myles is celebrating the release of his latest solo album, Year of the Tiger, and will hit Jake's Backroom on Sunday, December 9th. Tickets should go on sale this weekend at Ralph's Records and

Myles Kennedy
Myles Kennedy

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