Maybe I don't understand exactly what's going on here, but this really seems ridiculous.

Mackenzie Park floods. That's 100 percent a fact. People who visit the park during a deluge could get trapped, hurt or killed. (Who the heck visits a park during a flood event? Let's just put that to the side, though.)

Here's the description of what is proposed, according to Everything Lubbock:

The system would manually close traffic arms and have flashing signals to keep the public from crossing roadways during times of flooding.

This report uses the term "manually." If someone has to go out there and activate the system, then why don't we just stick with moveable roadblocks and/or a rope? I'm also assuming this is a permanent installation, which won't really add to the aesthetic value of the lake.

Now, let's look at the cost: $94,000+ (it will need upkeep). For that, you get what sounds like the arms at a railroad track with flashing lights and all the bells and whistles. It sure does seem like a lot. It especially seems like we providing an expensive answer to a minor problem. It's my understanding that one person got stuck out there some time ago.

I kind of think the City of Lubbock needs to learn about the rope section at Harbor Freight and save us about $93,950.

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