I read where there is a chance that Lubbock may get a new VA clinic  This is dynamite news and I really hope it happens.

Lubbock Veterans
Willie Ewings

I don't think we do enough for our nation's vets. There just needs to be more time to get them physically and mentally back on their feet. They fight for us and they shouldn't have to fight to get decent healthcare.

It will never happen, but I've always though we should follow a simple formula, for every dollar spent on war, there should be a dollar spent on rebuilding these men and women's lives. This may seem excessive to you, but if the resources are there, chances are we can get them back on their feet faster and possibly even get services to the point where don't need the matching funds.

My guess is you'll be hearing a lot about this updated VA clinic soon. I don't know yet what we as citizens can do to help support it, but let's be ready to bring this thing home for Lubbock and for the veterans of West Texas.



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