Here's another great giveaway courtesy of The RockShow.

Do you love Halloween? If so, you're going to want to get in on this. We've teamed with Nightmare On 19th Street for "The Ultimate Halloween Hookup".


Here's what's up for grabs:

*Reserved Parking Space

*First in the door and/or VIP immediate access on arrival.

*Two souvenir tees from our official vendor "My Phat Tees".

*$13 for you, and $13 for your guest (total $26 credit-no cash back) to spend on snacks.

*Two additional tickets to our "Dead After Dawn Event

So let's explain what all of this is.

*First off, we think you should understand that having a parking space near the attractions on Halloween night is hard to come by. We'll save you a space right near our senior employees.

*If you want to be the very very first in line and can arrive early, you go it. If you'd like to arrive later, we'll take you to the VIP line which cuts the wait time WAY down.

*We're going to let you go to our t-shirt vendor, My Phat Tees, and you can choose any two t-shirts you want, in any size available. It's FREE shopping.

*We're going to let you go SNACK CRAZY! We're going to give you and your guest each a $13 credit at Nightmare Nom-Nom's. That's a total of $26 to spend (no cash back given).

*Hopefully you'll enjoy yourself enough to come back the very next weekend for our "Hands On, Dead by Dawn" interactive event.

If this sounds more "Treat" than a "Trick" to you, then enter now!


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