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I love local garage sales groups. You never know what kind of treasures you might find.

Once I found a vintage children wicker doll carriage, and it was worth the $40 for this photo of my kitty. Her name is Halloween Havoc '95, after the WCW pay-per-view event:

Renee Raven
Renee Raven

Sometimes, Lubbock garage sale groups are the perfect source of unintentional comedy, like landlords who expect way too much rent for a hobbit hole. And then there's this person, who actually thought an open and used VHS copy of Disney's animated film Beauty and the Beast should sell for $1,000:

screenshot from Facebook
Facebook screenshot

To be fair, there are eBay listings for this VHS in the thousands of dollars, but that's just it: a listing. The sold prices are much, much lower, averaging $25 or so. A helpful commenter posted a very comprehensive article about what is basically a hoax. The rumor you could get that much money for old Disney VHS tapes is false.

I do respect the hustle, especially of all the Lubbockites in the comments who offered to sell their entire Disney collection for $900 and even throw in a VCR for free. I especially love this comment because it's so very true:

idk a single person in lubbock who would pay for this when i’m sure everyone’s grandma has this

Seriously, have you ever been to an estate sell that didn't have a couple of these? As someone who is old enough to remember the 90s, I'm pretty sure every household owned at least one clamshell Disney VHS. But hey, if this person can find someone to buy it for $1,000, more power to them.

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