Some of you have watched too many Fast and Furious movies.

We had a situation Wednesday night where a driver allegedly running from the police caused a six-car accident. It's hard to know where to even start here.

First off, Mr. Numbnuts (I think that's a pretty good name for him, don't you?): 5:30 p.m. is about the only time there is traffic in Lubbock, so that's not the optimum time for your antics, right?

Next up, it's not about you "getting away"; it's about you not killing other people. We were very fortunate that more people were not seriously injured or killed. I don't know why you ran from the cops, but is it worth becoming a legit murderer? You do know if you kill someone like this, you ARE a murderer, right?

And lastly, on The RockShow we've told and seen hundreds of stories of people running from the police. They always end with the police catching them. There might have been accidents or dumb stuff that happens in the middle, but in the end, the cops always get them. I just can't remember a story that ends with "and he got away."

"Your friend" may have told you a great story about ditching a cop that was on his trail and losing them in a neighborhood or something, but trust me, if the cop wanted them, they would have got them. These things, especially high-speed chases, do not end well.

As friends, listeners and humans, please -- if you have a problem, especially while driving, just pull over and let the lawyers sort it out later.

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