Hey kids, are you ready to spend a lot of money to stand around?

I am aware I'm not going to talk anyone out of going to a prom. I am only here to ease the feelers of those people who want to skip it or possibly can't afford it.

Let's start with the fact that prom is ridiculous. You pay too much money to get dressed up and hang out with other people who paid too much money to get dressed up and hang out. Sure, there might be a d.j., lights, and some snacks there, but what else?

I just Googled the average life span. If someone lives to be 79, they will be alive for 692,040 hours.  So do you really want to spend all that money and have all that stress for 3-5 hours of your life?

Let's also point out that a very large percentage of you will go for a half-hour then dip out to go to the after-parties. So why in the heck even bother?

Prom is just an exaggerated version of school. The kids who rule the school will rule it on a different level and those who hang back probably won't have a big Flashdance moment.

I can give you ONE good reason to go to prom and it's because it may spur you to ask someone on a date that you wanted to get to know. If that's what it takes for you to ask the love of your life out, then go for it.

I just to two proms and I remember nothing about them other than the fact that I wore an ugly tuxedo (and a sneaking suspicion that my girl got back together with me just so she'd have someone to go to prom with). It was all hype and in 2021 there are so many more cool things to do than hang out in a cafeteria where you hung out for the past few years.  In short, if you want to go, I hope you have a great time, if you're unsure or don't have the cash, don't worry about it because prom will never be one of those things you think of as a highlight of your life.

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