When the Hurricane Harvey happened, bands scattered across the U.S. Some of them were supposed to come here to Lubbock.

Adam Bettcher/Getty Images
Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

The show that was supposed to visit Lubbock came together in minutes. That's probably why, after 3-4 days, the tour manager looked at the itinerary, said, 'we just can't do that' and canceled it.

The show was Stone Sour, Steel Panther and Hey Violet (formerly known as Cherry Bomb).

Do you want your heart broken a little bit more? In the very, very beginning stages, we were looking at this show for a Saturday, then Marilyn Manson (!) the next day. Sorry guys, but this is just how the cookie crumbles in the rock and roll promotion business.

This show was so concrete (or so we thought) that I produced a promo announcement for the show and even a video on how it came about. I'll share the promo with you now.

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