I don't know that there will ever be a way to cut down on gun violence completely, but we can work on making it less frequent and less deadly.

While everyone wants to argue about what causes these violent episodes, my best answer is a lack of hope. People are bombarded daily with negative news to the point where some say, "what's the point of living?".  Even worse, most were brought up believing that life was a bowl of cherries and they had a guaranteed place at the table. Then when things don't turn out the way they plan they become hopeless and look to strike out at those who they see took their place at the table.

I believe we need to show all people that they are loved and they have value. We need to manage expectations while giving them an opportunity to excel. How do we achieve this? Well, on a personal level we need to support, love and encourage those around us. On a national level, we need to elect leaders that inspire.  We are smart enough at this point to recognize divisive politics and those people need to be tossed out on their asses. We CAN think differently and move forward positively if we make a commitment to do so.


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