Since 1971 and thanks to the American GI Forum, Pancho Clos has been delivering holiday greetings to the children of the Lubbock area. The concept was developed as a way to bring a little bit of traditional Mexican culture to Christmas. But instead of Pancho Claus, it is Clos so not to confuse the little ones!

He arrives in traditional Mexican costume including a sombrero and a pancho. The story of Pancho Clos is a simple one, he comes from the South Pole, and brings joy to all the girls and boys.

Pancho Clos will be making an appearance at the Maggie Trejo Supercenter on Sunday December 18th from 2-5pm and admission is free.

The Maggie Trejo Supercenter is located at 3200 Amherst Ave. For more information call 767-2705.

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