I’ve been keeping you all updated on the drama involving Patrick Mahomes’ family over the last couple of weeks, but now that the Kansas City Chiefs are officially out of the running for their chance at another Super Bowl title, things are awfully quiet.

Jackson Mahomes is known for posting TikToks at his brother’s games. Some are in celebration of the team’s success, but most feature him dancing on the sidelines. We saw both types of videos after their big win against the Broncos, but after the Chiefs’ loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, we didn’t see the younger Mahomes post any TikToks.

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Despite Jackson Mahomes not posting any videos, there were still plenty of haters that decided to make their own videos about him. I'm not sure why they put so much energy into hating on a kid who is just supporting his big brother, but some people are just overflowing with hate for Mahomes.

Most of the videos made about him were posted in an attempt to mock him and apparently rub the Bengals’ win in his face -- as if he had anything to do with the game’s outcome.

Warning: Obscene gestures

Despite all the hate that's been coming at Patrick Mahomes' fiancee Brittany Matthews recently, things are actually pretty calm from her end of things. She posted her usual support during the game, and after the Chiefs lost, Matthews kept it classy with a tweet sharing how proud she is of the team.

Despite a few salty people replying to the tweet, most of the people replying were really nice. They shared their support of Matthews and the team, and continue to support her against the few that try and bash her online.

It's almost weird to see so little hate on her page because that seems to be all she receives most of the time. I can imagine that despite the Chiefs not going to the Super Bowl, Matthews feels like she can take a breath of fresh air and hopefully get a break from the ridiculous amount of ridicule she receives.

It makes sense for both Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Matthews to keep things on the down-low after a devastating game for the Chiefs, so I don't see anything wrong with them not posting anything. We can only hope that people will stop going after them for every little thing they post, but of course, that will never happen. Anyone in the public eye will always have people that don't like them. That's sadly just the world we live in.

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