One man opened his Facebook over the weekend and chose chaos.

I have to admit that I had a tough time titling this because it aggravates me on so many levels. We will actually be talking about one nosy do-gooder who decided to stick his nose in something that was really none of his business.

Now let's get to the interaction (I'm going to make some edits here because the place in question doesn't need to be put on blast).  A Facebook friend in the media posted, "thanks [fast food place} for feeding us {at work}.  That's it, a simple "thank you", not a huge plug or anything, just a little kindness to match the kindness. This was followed almost immediately by a troll who said, "Why didn't they feed the homeless?".

Before writing, that comment on Facebook would have been a good time to jot it down on a piece of paper, roll it up in a ball, and jam it up your rear, but no, you chose chaos. Still, I will take the time to answer such a deflating question.

First off, and as a later commentator pointed out, that fast food place has a huge charity contingent and does feed people with food insecurities. It took about ten seconds to Google this and some people need to learn to use those ten seconds to not look like a jerk.  A question like this is nothing more than someone acting "holier-than-thou", but in this case, the person acted assholier-than-thou.

Let's talk about "feeding the homeless" though. Was this fast food place supposed to go to each corner in Lubbock and hand out sandwiches?  I know many people who have tried that and that's NOT what those people want.  Maybe they could take a bunch of food to some gathering place where people will fight over it? I actually have a family member whose church was told by local authorities that it was no longer safe to do this type of thing. "Feeding the homeless" is something that is best left to professionals who have the training and facilities to get it done.

The real answer is, the fast food place fed the media outlet in hopes of a little publicity, maybe some kindness if a story comes up, and for a little promotion because even local celebrity endorsers have a lot of friends and fans who will, in turn, buy the product.

Life is too tough to not let people enjoy the nice moments that come their way. No one is going to think you're incisive or noble for picking something like this apart. Instead, just close the lid to your computer and go feed the homeless yourself.

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