This is so epic.

A student in Florida was banned from mentioning that he was gay in a speech, so instead of ever saying "gay" he substituted "curly hair".  I love the fact that his critics failed so completely and miserably. Instead of keeping him quiet, he's now being profiled in USA Today and on Good Morning America. He's not completely happy with his win, saying he'd rather be celebrated for who he is and not as a euphemism.

Florida is home to the "Don't Say Gay" law and this is the reality that gay people have to live with there. I find it hard to believe that any parent would want this kind of thing for their kids. This kid was not only smart enough to earn a speech at commencement but also to circumvent the hammer-fisted rules of the school and the state.

I find it very hard to believe that folks don't understand that they could be the next group that politicians and nutballs decide to kick down on. You have to remember that if they can do it to one group, they can certainly do it to you. Even worse (if possible), you could just be the victim of some kind of witchhunt.

Now back to the lexicon. I really hope that being a "curly-haired" person becomes an effective troll when dealing with homophobes.  Our gay friends and family certainly deserve better, but until then we can have a little fun at the expense of the haters.

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