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Services of a more, ahem, personal nature are back in business. From haircuts to tattoos, you can mod your bod as you see fit...as long as you're following guidelines and not acting like a total Karen to your service provider. (Seriously, tip like you mean it, and use your best manners.)

One service that many folks have had to survive without is waxing, an activity that is virtually impossible to do yourself without leaving hairy patches and shedding tears (and sometimes blood).

I got with Madison Gutierrez of the hilariously named LunchboxWax to see how this oh-so personal service is different post-COVID-19 closures:

So not much has changed on our end since we are a waxing salon and hygiene is ALWAYS our first priority! But there are a few things we are doing differently like [asking] the guest wait in their car until we get another guest out of the salon and then texting them to come in, taking temperatures at the door, and recommending them to wear masks. It’s mandatory that we, as waxologists, wear our masks and wash our hands before and after every service! A super cool fun fact about LunchboxWax is that we are the only waxing salon in town with sinks in our rooms so that usually makes the guest feel more safe to actually SEE us washing our hands.

Other than that not a lot has changed! Hygiene and cleanliness has always been my main thing and here at Lunchbox we take it very seriously!

For every person chomping at the bit to get back in the salon, there's a person who might be interested, but who is mortified by the idea of it. Gutierrez wants to assuage that person's fear:

Intimate waxing can be SUPER embarrassing for women and men as well and I have always loved being able to make someone feel comfortable in an awkward situation. It’s probably my specialty. I love all of the people that I meet and have actually formed friendships with some. I just want everyone to know that it’s totally not embarrassing and I’ve probably seen and heard it all. So don’t be afraid and I would love to meet everyone!

Ready to take the plunge? You can book with Gutierrez or your favorite provider here.

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