I absolutely lived on a skateboard as a kid, all the way through my teenage years. I was never great, but I was daring as all get out and got the rep of a guy who would skate down anything. For this reason, I have a great love of skateboards and skateboarding.


So, the Plainview Skate contest really caught my eye. It's got that cool semi-pro vibe about it like the skate events I went to (uh, skated to) as a kid. I am really hoping this turns out to be a big deal for Plainview. The event is actually put on by the "Lubbock Skateboarding" crew.

The contest is set for the 23rd at 6th and Joliet in Plainview. The group has a Facebook event you can check out right here. They'll have food, vendors, and skateboarding from about ten in the morning until four in the afternoon. Support skateboarding! It's an incredibly cheap and easy form of athletics and a positive activity for kids and young adults.

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