Have you ever heard anyone truly excited that they "get to go to a wedding"?  No, it's always 100% of the opposite, it's "damn..I HAVE to go to a wedding that day".

I can see where the happy couple is pretty pumped, maybe their parents and a few close relatives, but for the most part, weddings are an embarrassing, drawn-out, hassle.

Even worse is when someone is so narcissistic that they want the entire world to stop and experience their happiness. We don't need weddings at concerts, football games or other events that we paid to attend. We also don't need public engagements in restaurants, theme parks or wherever else you expect people to stop and pay attention to you.

I actually AM a romantic and romance isn't "hey look at me!", it's a private decision by two people to travel through life together. It's no wonder that these relationships that start with some kind of public statement seem to always blow up in the end.

I hope that if you choose to get married that you have a wonderful day surrounded by people who love you and wish you the best, not by random strangers who really don't care if you fall over dead in the next five minutes.

Hey, I could be wrong. Let's vote on it.

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