***Careful, this is a semi-naughty post. Do no proceed if you are easily offended***

I have to start this with a bit of self-promotion because it's super-relevant. Just in case you're not from this area, I am part of a no-holds-barred rock morning show. When we started thinking of features for the show, we needed a name for a crowd interaction segment. What we came up with was the "Smokin' Poll".  Now, to this day I think that's hilarious. If you haven't caught on yet, "Smokin' Poll" can mean that we are talking to people about a hot topic, or that term is a euphemism for, well, if you know, you know.

Now, while we were being naughty, along came the (presumably wholesome) Smokin' Dick's Barbeque in Post, Texas Ummmm...yeah, I'm going to be over here laughing for a bit 'cause I'm mentally still 12).  They do play on the word (...wait for it) a bit by having a "Dick-Tator", and "Dick-A-Roni", but don't seem to be using the name for any naughty jokes.

The good news is, apparently the people of Post love Smokin' Dick's (say the bold part out loud, 'cause again, it's hilarious). The food certainly does look amazing, so I"m betting your girlfriend and even your mom would love Smokin' Dicks. In fact, with a five-star rating, it's apparent, everyone loves Smokin' Dick's. 

If you'd love to try Smokin' Dick's, you probably ought to arrive early, because they do appear to be one of those places that sell out and close early. It would be a terrible shame if you came so close to Smokin' Dick's and went away unsatisfied.

Smokin' Dick's is at 114 West 4th Street in Post, but I'm sure you could stop anybody in town and tell them that you're interested in Smokin' Dick's and they'd help you out.


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