The fix certainly seems to be in on this one.

In case you missed it, and it did seem to be "buried" a bit, the City Council approved the idea of alcohol in city parks for "bigger events" (which they defined as 1000 or more people). This just stinks to high heaven.

First off, let's establish something here. I'm not even really against the idea. I guess I'd rather not deal with booze in city parks, but I don't even feel that strongly about it. What I object to, is that this is so obviously, so overtly, a way for the city, or certain organizations with the city to get paid.  Here's a simple question for you; why is it okay for the city to allow alcohol in parks when there is a mob of people there, but not okay for you to take a six-pack out to your family reunion?  It's a matter of palms getting greased and that's all it is.

I knew from the minute I saw this story popping up where it was going. The example that kept popping up is during "The Mayors Race". Now, why would we need booze in city parks for a race that only drew 1000 competitors? Then, as usual, they always love to say "for large outdoor concerts" (b.t.w. how many of those have you seen since the last time you were promised that?). Nope. Follow the money. My prediction is this is for 4th On Broadway. Get ready to celebrate the Red, White and Booze in 2019.

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