I found a question on the Lubbock thread on Reddit that I'm ascribing deep meaning too.

I don't know why, but I feel like things have a bit more depth to them on Reddit than they do on social media. I know it's just regular Joe's populating the site, but it just seems to all have a bit more gravitas than a random Facebook post.

Here is the comment in question:

I’ve lived in Lubbock for 25 years. Can anybody tell me what I’m supposed to do?

I am going to take this as an existential question and answer the best I can.  As I see it, the author only has three choices right now, #1. Stay and be miserable, #2. Leave, or #3. Find his/her tribe. My recommendation is #3.

It appears from the outside that Lubbock is run by "church-folk". Church-folk are different than religious people, or even people who go to church. When I say "church-folk" you know exactly who I'm talking about. It's the people who look down their noses at everyone else all week and try to make up for it on Sunday (then go to lunch and insult their server).  For many people not being a part of this group makes them feel like outsiders. Trust me when I tell you that these people are loud, but they aren't your only option.

Your tribe is out there. In fact, there are plenty out there. I've been embedded with rockers, bikers, the bar crowd, local musicians, and so many more. My eyes have also recently been opened to craft fair folks with interests that vary from Vikings to fairies. There are amazing people creating art downtown, lake rats, Frisbee golfers, comic book nerds, and scores of other people doing cool things both outside, and alongside,  the mainstream. All of this is to say that there are people out there who are just like you, who would embrace you and make you feel like you belong. There is space for you in Lubbock, you just have to make the effort to find it.

I know it's easier to find a moving truck than your people, but that's what makes those people worth it.

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