I know this seems a little dumb to point out, but I've found making certain decisions ahead of time can really help.

Putt-Putt Fire in Lubbock- February 14, 2016
Ethan Dometrius, KFYO.com

You need to decide that your life or the lives of your loved ones come first. That's WAY ahead of that of possessions or even pets. Sometimes tragedy strikes and you need to have your head clear ahead of time.

We just lost some folks who were trying to clear some cattle out ahead of a fire and lost their lives.  We don't know the circumstances. For all we know it may have looked like they had plenty of time to get the cows loose. I highly doubt they thought they were flirting with disaster at all. Now, they are gone.  Once again, for all we know, it may have been a sacrifice they were willing to make, or they just got in over their head.

You need to take a moment now and then and think, "if I had to get out of here right now, what would be worth risking my life for?"  You may decide that you're not leaving without your lockbox, or your cat, or your pants. If you've made that decision, at least you'll head straight to those items if a tragedy strikes.  On the other hand, you may decide that there is nothing in this world that is worth risking your life for.  Either way, it's best to know it.


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